AUSTIN'S extraordinary

immersive aRT EXPERIENCE

Please leave all previous notions of reality at the main entrance

Minds should remain open at all checkpoints to achieve        

a deeper understanding of parallel dimensions        


Do not be alarmed if you experience high levels of

“What on earth is going on?"

These feelings will dissipate as you realize that you,

like all that exists, are infinite. 


MESMERIZE follows the journey of amateur tinkerer and artist-turned-explorer, Mesmer, who one day discovers a secret: we are not alone.


Unlocking a portal to parallel universes, Mesmer spent countless years exploring these worlds, finding comfort and inspiration in their depth, wildness, and striking similarities to what we know and believe to be true about the world.

Mesmer has left the portal open for all to explore. To share this cosmic knowledge, tedious journal entries and sketches were left behind in each world. 

This is no ordinary gallery, come ready to explore and play in this narrative art adventure filled with cosmic curiosities. All kinds and ages are welcomed on this creative adventure.