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Mesmerize "Enter the Multiverse" was open from September 2020 to June 2021 welcoming over 18,000 visitors. The story follows the journey of amateur tinkerer and artist-turned-explorer, Mesmer, who one day discovers a secret: we are not alone.


Unlocking a portal to the parallel universes, Mesmer spent eons exploring these worlds, finding comfort and inspiration in their depth, wildness, and striking similarities to what we know and believe to be true about the world.  Mesmer has left the portal open for all to explore. To share this cosmic knowledge, tedious journal entries and sketches were left behind in each world. 

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I knew Mesmerize was something special when I first encountered it. After experiencing it, I knew the rest of the city needed to hear about it...What they've built has also come at a time when people need art more than ever. Mesmerize is uplifting, unique, and an asset to this amazing city. I hope to see it grow and flourish and continue to enchant us all!"


- Amy Edwards, The Austin Statesman and Austin360 Radio/Podcast


“Our whole mission with Mesmerize is to innovate with storytelling to create multi-sensory experiences that inspire joy and community,”


Tribeza Article here


"During their nine-month run at Native Hostel, "Mesmerize" was 90 percent sold-out, emphasizing the great response from the local Austin community. "Mesmerize" even served as the multi-dimensional grounds for newfound love, with one marriage ceremony inside, an engagement photo session, and a marriage proposal."



CultureMap Article here

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